Chartered Certified Accountants

Feb 24

Payroll and VAT Services


Payroll -         (a)        We can provide a full payroll service ensuring that taxation and

                                     employment legislation is complied with and all filing deadlines are


                        (b)        We operate Sage Payroll and can provide computerised payslips,

                                     inform you of your required monthly or quarterly PAYE/NIC payments

                                     and complete any statutory forms during the year and at the tax year


                        (c)         We will advise you and remind you of all payment and filing

                                     deadlines to help ensure no penalties or fines are incurred.

                        (d)        The firm is a member of the Sage Accountants Club and is able to

                                     arrange for the supply of sage payroll products at a discounted price.


VAT -               (a)       VAT can be complex and with very harsh penalties and interest

                                    charges for errors or late filing. We recommend that you let us assist

                                    you in the completion of your VAT returns.

                        (b)        We can either prepare your VAT returns from your own records or by

                                     basing the calculations on bookkeeping work undertaken for you.

                        (c)        We can advise you of your VAT payments, help with timing issues and

                                    delaying VAT payments, and discuss with you the use of flat rate VAT

                                    schemes and cash accounting.



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